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I can’t rate the Jumping Jacks sessions highly enough. Both my boys got different things from the sessions, which just shows how inclusive and welcoming Lucie and the team are. They build confidence, are non judgemental (even when you’re kids are going a bit crazy!) and most of all they make sure everyone, children and adults, have fun. My oldest became so much more confident by coming to the sessions and my youngest learnt about sharing and tidying up. We have lots of great memories and the boys still talk about Lucie and Emily!

Liz Hazlewood

We started coming to Jumping Jacks over 18 months ago now and have been nearly every week since. The kids (Niamh 3years and Ciaran 20 months) both look forward to coming and really enjoy the sessions. Niamh usually asks if we’re going to see Lucie today at least a couple of days before the session we attend!

The combination of music and actions has struck a chord with both of them to the point where we often have the Jumping Jacks CD on at home! It helps them stay focused on something while letting off some steam at the same time. Niamh is now showing Ciaran the actions and he recognises the different songs and actively takes part now.

The sessions have definitely increased both kids confidence around other children in a large group scenario. They could never be described as shy now! The sessions include many ‘hidden’ lessons for the kids too so they are learning new skills without even realising (counting, balancing, catching etc.). The kids favourite parts of the sessions are usually the most active (the Hokey Cokey etc.) but Niamh in particular took the the challenge of balancing bean bags on her head and back very seriously! It’s difficult to pick out a particular part they enjoy as they seem so happy with the whole thing.

I think Jumping Jacks is a really valuable resource which myself and the kids enjoy immensely. It’s great for me to see them enjoying themselves and developing over the weeks/months.

I would (and have) recommended Jumping Jacks to anyone as a great way to get the kids active while learning at the same time.

Dave Edwards

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