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It is the school holidays and we are planning our weeks activities… the first question my 5 and 3 year old ask is “What day will we see Sara and Lucie?” My daughters are referring to the effervescent directors of Jumping Jacks, safe in the knowledge that there will be a Jumping Jacks event scheduled at some point during the school break. I started taking my girls along to ‘JJ’ classes in my local Children’s Centre, approximately three years ago.

The weekly sessions were action packed, filled with sing-a-longs, funny dance routines and the much loved parachute games! Little did the children realise that the songs were teaching counting skills, the dances were helping them balance and co-ordinate and the parachute had then shouting, colours and numbers. The leaders were amazing at pitching the classes in such a way that every child from the most shy to the most confident got involved. The age range spanned from teeny to school age- the classes grew with the children. When the time came for my girls to head off to school we felt sad about missing out on our ‘JJ’ class but we needn’t have worried. Jumping Jacks large events held at various venues guaranteed an afternoon of jam packed madness, dances, colouring competitions, face painting, party songs and dances.

They are usually centered around a theme which gives license for dressing up and I can honestly say us mums have as much fun as the children (we are at the stage where littleuns are starting to give us exasperated embarassed glances… ooops!). We have watched ‘JJ’ grow from strength to strength and we are attending more and more parties where ‘JJ’ are providing the entertainment. They really are heads and shoulders above their competitors and every single child is made to feel involved, with medals given out for a whole host of reasons, the outcome being a room full of proud 5 year olds! My girls consider the Jumping Jacks team as part of the family now, declaring Sara and Lucie their best friends and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Miss Lucie bringing Santa to our house for a visit, another string to the bow which is really personalised and is delivered in a mini party format.

I cannot recommend Jumping Jacks enough, the whole team are amazing at what they do! They are loved by children and parents alike-and it is not just me that thinks so-their trophy cabinet agrees! Well done ladies, thank you for giving us so many Kodak moments.

Clare Clegg

We started coming to Jumping Jacks over 18 months ago now and have been nearly every week since. The kids (Niamh 3years and Ciaran 20 months) both look forward to coming and really enjoy the sessions. Niamh usually asks if we’re going to see Lucie today at least a couple of days before the session we attend!

The combination of music and actions has struck a chord with both of them to the point where we often have the Jumping Jacks CD on at home! It helps them stay focused on something while letting off some steam at the same time. Niamh is now showing Ciaran the actions and he recognises the different songs and actively takes part now.

The sessions have definitely increased both kids confidence around other children in a large group scenario. They could never be described as shy now! The sessions include many ‘hidden’ lessons for the kids too so they are learning new skills without even realising (counting, balancing, catching etc.). The kids favourite parts of the sessions are usually the most active (the Hokey Cokey etc.) but Niamh in particular took the the challenge of balancing bean bags on her head and back very seriously! It’s difficult to pick out a particular part they enjoy as they seem so happy with the whole thing.

I think Jumping Jacks is a really valuable resource which myself and the kids enjoy immensely. It’s great for me to see them enjoying themselves and developing over the weeks/months.

I would (and have) recommended Jumping Jacks to anyone as a great way to get the kids active while learning at the same time.

Dave Edwards

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