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I am extremely proud to be the founder of Jumping Jacks. It is so much more than a job to me and I love putting tons of smiles on faces and acting my shoe size rather than my age and I never want to grow up! My background is in health & fitness and I have worked as a fitness instructor & sports coach for the local government, schools, nurseries & professional organisations for quite some years. One of Jumping Jacks proudest moments for me was being awarded the National Princes Trust RBS Enterprise Award by HRH Prince Charles himself who said to me “Jumping Jacks looks like lots of fun!”. It was a very surreal moment and one I will remember forever. It is certainly a team effort here at Jumping Jacks ABC and we all put 100% into being the best company for you and your children.

Michelle Mills

I was first introduced to Jumping Jacks as a parent bringing my eldest Daughter along to sessions. I enjoyed the sessions so much that I decided to buy a franchise! Before Jumping Jacks I was a classroom assistant and knew the importance of the EYFS & introducing children to classes as early as possible for their all round development. I watched my Daughter grow in confidence, make friends, learn new skills and more importantly the classes gave us the opportunity to bond and spend some quality time together. I now have another baby and being a JJ Leader & Franchisee works well around my family life and I am also looking forward to going to classes with my second Daughter so I can enjoy them as a Mummy too! As a very proud Mum & Jumping Jacks Leader, I can see on both sides of the fence just how rewarding Jumping Jacks classes are!


My hobbies and interests include Yoga (which I have practiced for 10 years), fell walking and Zumba.  I am Yoga trained and qualified (Yoga 4 UK) to lead sessions for children and families. I have three children myself and I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing them up.  I strongly believe that the first five years of a child’s life is very important for them to interact with other children, have fun, learn and develop key skills.  My beliefs in being healthy and providing children with a good foundation in their early years has lead me to the job that I love, being a Jumping Jacks Session Leader!  It keeps me fit and I adore working with the children and families.


My nickname is ‘Jumping Jayne’ as I have tons of energy and love to party, party and party some more! I am up for a laugh and don’t take myself too seriously. I have always been fun loving and will never grow up so I have certainly found the right job for me! I am Jumping Jacks Assistant Manager as well as one of the lead Party Entertainers and I am proud to say that Jumping Jacks is more than a job to me, we are one big happy family!


I have been working for Jumping Jacks now since I was 14 as a princess and party/session assistant. I am a loud and outgoing person and Jumping Jacks really brings out my crazy side (in a good way!). I am working towards sports coaching and drama qualifications and since starting JJ’s, I have grown from strength to strength. I have a natural ability to relate to children of all ages and have a kind and caring nature. Although I am one of the youngest members of the team, I have been given the role as personal assistant as I have great organisation skills and love looking after everyone and making sure everything is prepared for your little ones special event. I love working with my Jumping Jacks family. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to watch Jumping Jacks grow and I am so proud to be a part of it.