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Our sessions are a combination of music, movement & active play with our own unique twist and a very popular “Voice-a-cise™” program that has been introduced to support the ECAT project.  Our popular sessions are simply “Exercise disguised as fun™.”  But it is not just the exercise that is disguised in our sessions! Our “Edutainment™” sessions are based upon all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for learning and there is a lot more to our sessions than meets the eye.

Hidden Learning

The hidden lessons within our well researched, well structured sessions will benefit all babies, children, parents & carers in ways that you would not believe! The main focus of our sessions is always the fun factor with the added bonus of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but not just in body, also in mind!  Jumping Jacks sessions are also inclusive to all abilities and there are lots of different options and adaptability included within our cleverly designed sessions to ensure that everyone will benefit from coming to our sessions in a way that suits them.  But don’t just take our word for it, please check the testimonials page on our website and read real comments and feedback from children, parents, carers and organisations that use our services.


We currently provide sessions for a number of Sure Start Children’s Centre’s, Playgroups, Nursery’s and Schools.  We also run sessions in local church halls, sports halls and community centre’s.  Jumping Jacks sessions are not only exercise based but also educational.  We believe that Jumping Jacks sessions prepare a child for later learning and starting pre-school or full time school.

We have been praised personally by OFSTED inspectors for providing excellent planning and evidence for our local Children’s Centre’s.  The songs and activities in our sessions are well thought out and provide children with a fun & exciting way to learn about maths, letters, opposites, position words and other important concepts.  Research shows that children learn more in their first eight years than they do in the rest of their lives.  This is a powerful time to teach them.


  • Fine Motor Skills are developed; the ability to draw or write rests on children gaining sufficient physical strength, manipulation and fine motor control.Gross Motor Skills are developed; children can only dress themselves if they have learnt to balance, co-ordinate and control their movements.
  • Being active through physical play will encourage children to continue being active later in life, helping them to maintain a healthy weight, to develop stamina, flexibility and strength, to decrease their risk of heart disease.
  • The songs and music chosen in JJABC is repetitious and allows children to memorise basic structures and patterns in the English language.
  • Stress is managed better and concentration improved.
  • Lowers the risk of ADD and ADHD and their symptoms.
  • Helps children sleep better.
  • All children will have fun and gain a sense of achievement regardless of their ability.
  • Improves a child’s mood and attitude.
  • Improves social interaction within a safe, structured environment.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • Expands a child’s imagination through play.
  • For sessions with parental/carer involvement, the parent/carer and child can spend some quality time together and this teaches the child that people are important to each other.
  • Provides an excellent opportunity for families to be active together in the same setting.

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