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+-Are you an official registered business?

Yes we are! Rest assured you are dealing with a legitimate business when you are dealing with Jumping Jacks.

+-Are you insured?

Yes, we have public liability insurance! We bring along our insurance certificate to all classes and would not be at all offended if you asked to see it.

+-Are your staff DBS checked?

All Jumping Jacks class leaders have an Enhanced DBS Enclosure.

+-Can I try a class first?

Yes, we do encourage parents/guardians and children to try a class and selected franchise areas will offer a free trial class (subject to availability and at the Franchisee’s discretion). Unfortunately if you have booked and paid for a block/term of classes we cannot always guarantee money back if you change your mind. We do understand that Jumping Jacks is a new experience for you and your child(ren) but we do encourage you to attend at least six classes to allow your child the time to settle in and make friends. Just as you wouldn’t expect your child to swim on their first swimming lesson, we don’t expect them to fully participate at their first session!

+-I have older children too. Can they come to class?

Yes, we welcome older siblings of the child(ren) registered for class. All we ask is that if they are joining in as much as their paid-for sibling, you then pay for the additional child at a set rate agreed with your Jumping Jacks class leader.

+-What do I need to bring/wear to class?

It’s best if you and your child(ren) are comfortably dressed as the classes are quite active and do require some sitting down, getting up and moving around. A drink is optional but not necessary. Snacks are not needed and may cause a potential chocking hazard or hazards to other children attending so we would politely ask you not to bring snacks to class or food items where possible.

+-How much are classes?

Jumping Jacks class prices start from £4 per session depending on the class area. We do not charge a ‘Joining or Membership Fee’ and in many areas we provide a range of pricing options/discounts, plus special rates for siblings attending classes.

+-Can I pay for individual classes?

There are discounted rates for sessions booked in a block or term. You can pay as you go for each session as we understand that there may be reasons that you cannot attend classes each week. Drop in class prices are from £5 per session depending on the area. We cannot guarantee yourself and your child(ren) a place at a class as a drop in as some classes may be fully booked, so we advise checking availability before attending.

+-My child won’t sit still in a circle. Can he/she still benefit from coming to classes?

Some children want to run; others want to spend the class no more than a foot away from the teacher; some will sit in laps; while others want to observe from a cozy corner in the room. At Jumping Jacks we recognise that there are many different learning styles, children are all unique and we encourage parents to let the children be where they are comfortable. A typical class may have all of these different types of children, but all children have one thing in common: they are all watching, listening, and learning from us. We have found that regardless of your child’s learning style, the more frequently your child attends Jumping Jacks classes, the more he or she will start developing their focus.

+-How do you keep such young children focused for 45 minutes?

One of the secrets to delivering a successful preschool music & movement class is to maximise the amount of active participation involved. When children are moving their bodies, actively singing, keeping the beat with their hands or instruments, using sensory resources, dancing, or acting out a song—it ensures that they that are optimally engaged in the music & movement experience.   In fact, research shows that infants can perceive the beat more readily if bounced to it.  With the variety of active participation activities we experience in class, children stay focused and time flies!

+-My baby is 4 months old. Can he/she benefit from class now, or should I wait until he/she can walk?

There is a growing body of research that suggests the younger a child is, the more he/she is learning. Even though a baby cannot run, clap, dance or sing in class, their brain is developing at a faster rate than the brains of the big kids. Jumping Jacks is all about the social experience, enjoyment and spending quality time together so regardless of ability each child will benefit from coming to Jumping Jacks classes in ways that you would not believe.



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